Vital statistics
Position Sorcerer
Age 30-50
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Kind-of short
Weight Skinny

"Princess Sofia."
―Cedric the Sorcerer

Cedric the Sorcerer is the main antagonist of Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. He is the royal sorcerer of Enchancia. He is voiced by Jess Harnell.


Cedric is a sorcerer and he uses magic for evil purposes. However, his spells sometimes don't work well. He's greedy, conniving, and manipulative, as he tricked Sofia into using a sleeping spell (he lied to her that it was a dancing spell to help her waltz) on everyone in the ballroom with the intention of blackmailing Sofia into giving him the Amulet of Avalar.

Thankfully however, Cedric is a bit of a bumbler and incompetent, as he got caught in his own spell. Even so, he's a bad person who has no problem lying to and using children. He's quite vain as well as power-hungry.