Vital statistics
Position Wicked fairy
Age 20-40
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height A little too tall
Weight skinny

On her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of the spinning wheel, AND DIE!


Once Upon A Time Edit

Ouat malefiscent
     From the TV series on abc, Once Upon A Time, She is inspired with her trusty, magical, staff. She has some of the same shades of purple. Abc is made by disney which is why they used the name Malefiscent and simalar clothing.

Cosplay Edit

Most every cosplay costume comes with horns and a purple and black robe based off of the classic character of Sleeping Beauty.
Malefiscent costume

Play Edit

Disney released a designer doll line of villains. Malefiscent is very fashionable with her clothing. Her dress is a strapless mermaid dress including black, red, and purple. She has fingerless black armlong gloves. She has a black and purple vampire style cape with a jewel around the neck strap. She has a golden staff with a glass crystel ball on the top. Instead of green skin, she has a creamy colored skin. Her hair is black pulled up into hornes shaped buns, reference to her iconic horns.

Malefiscent doll