Vital statistics
Position Bear,Prince (Formerly)
Age teens-30
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Big Bear Size
Weight Average bear

Mor'du is a bear and the main antagonist from Disney/Pixar's 2012 film Brave. He also appears in Temple Run: Brave, and The Legend of Mor'du.

Mor'du was once a human prince who desired to rule the entire land without his three brothers, and so bargained with a witch for a spell that would grant him "the strength of ten men," so he could take the kingdom by force. However, the spell transformed him into a demon bear, and he murdered his family in a feral bloodlust, causing the fall of his kingdom.


  • His name could come from "Mordu", which is French for "bitten".
  • His name comes from Gaelic Mór meaning "Big" and "Dubh" meaning Black. It translates to "Big and Black", which matches his physical description perfectly.
  • In the movie poster, Mor'du can be seen in the background and is in most concept art pictures where it involves large rows of rocks lined up next to each other.
  • Mor'du is directly referenced in the original title of Brave which was The Bear and the Bow
  • Mor'du is the seventh male character to be turned into an animal through magical means, the first is Arthur Pendragon, the second being the Beast (Beauty and the Beast), the third being Jafar, the fourth being Kuzco, the fifth being Kenai, and the sixth being Naveen.
  • Mor'du is the first main villain of a Pixar film never to say a word.
  • Like Lotso from Toy Story 3, Mor'du is another bear antagonist that appeared in one of the Disney/Pixar Films.
  • His appearence is very similar to the Bear from The Fox and the Hound.
  • Mor'du's real name is unknown (from when he was human), as he is known by this name as a demon bear.
  • His scar on his eye like sacr from the lion king reprsentes evil and darkness inside his soul